Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting Service - South Africa

EnviroCo offers environmental consulting in South Africa to clients across the whole country and in a diverse array of industries that run the spectrum from mining and minerals to agriculture and financial services and banking.

We offer a wide range of highly qualified environmental consultancy and engineering services, which are rendered by a single expert or by a team of specialists, depending upon project needs, to grant our customers the highest standard of service and broader range of interventions.

EnviroCo offers the following Environmental Consulting Services throughout South Africa:

Authorisation, Permits and Licences

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Water Use Licence Applications
  • Environmental Management Programmes (EMPr)
  • Waste Permits
  • Mining Rights, Licences and Permits
  • Full Stakeholder Engagement (Public Participation)

Environmental Compliance Audits and Monitoring

  • Environmental Audits
  • Environmental Due Diligence Investigations

Environmental Resources Management

  • Waste Management
  • Water Management (Monitoring & Quality Control)

Environmental Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation and Remediation Plan
  • Rehabilitation of contaminated Sites

Environmental Education and Training

  • Training and Awareness Campaigns

Specialist Studies

  • Geochemical studies
  • Geological investigations
  • Biodiversity Impact Assessments
  • Groundwater Modelling and Resources Development

We guide clients meticulously and comprehensively on the environmental opportunities and risks that exist in each unique project and assist in the planning of their activities to ensure that services are carried out to client satisfaction and maintain integrity the sustainability of the environment.

We are able to provide these services through out team of trained and qualified professionals, along with our network of partner specialists.

Our goal is to become the first point of reference for our clients, assisting them throughout their environmental needs, from minor to more complex environmental consulting services.

Reach out to EnviroCo no matter the size or scope of your project. Call us at  072 540 0573 or submit our online form today.